Island Diver

Island Diver

$185AUD Includes all levies, taxes and charges.

Island Diver is the only vessel that can visit the amazing Sudbury cay. Island Diver meeting time is a relaxing 9am with a 930am departure from gate E at Marlin Marina. The day includes 2 Great Barrier Reef Sites, lunch and all taxes, dive / snorkel gear. 

Island Diver visits Briggs Reef, to the famous "Fish Bowl". A small cove within a reef system. This amazing reef is only visited by Island Diver and with a maximum of only 50 people. The reef is amazing with large swim throughs, an array of reef life, giant clams and amazing Clown Fish families, including Nemo. It is perfect for snorkeling and SCUBA diving.

Again Island Diver is the only reef operator permitted to visit this amazing Sand Cay. Sudbury Cay nestled on Sudbury Reef. The Island Diver vessel waits approximately 200 metres off Sudbury Cay, which is a relaxing snorkel to the Cay

Trip Itinerary







Meet at 'E' Gate, Marlin Marina, for departure

Briggs Reef


Sudbury Cay

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